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West Java drink recipe, should try

Indonesians  are actually   very rich in cooking and various drinks, one of which is a typical West Javanza drink recipe whose taste is unquestionable  .     The West Java  region  is famous not only for its beautiful natural scenery, but also various cuisines in the city throughout the archipelago,  one of which is  a  variety of regular beverages such as Bajigur, Bandrok and Frozen Guiobud  .

Visiting the West Java area is not perfect if you don’t taste the culinary tour  .   The cuisine of The Residents of Sundan  is now very popular and there is no need to doubt its enjoyment   however, not  only is the food delicious, the variety of West Java drinks is also very w jib you  try.

The West Java region is known  as a  high land mass so it has relatively  high temperatures.   No wonder body warming drinks are  so popular here.   Some are like Bajigur and Bandark, however, that doesn’t mean  you can’t find fresh drinks if you visit the area.   During the day  it is best if you enjoy fresh goyobod ice.

Now,  finding regular West Java drink vendors like Bajigur and Banderek  isn’t actually difficult  , however, instead of buying,  you can also make your own West Java drink recipe  at home.  What  they are and what are the ways to make them, check out the following:

West Java Banderk Drink Recipe

Banderek is a  traditional Western Javanian drink made  from the detection of palm sugar and ginger  .  The drink  added   a sweet taste and  a warm  feeling of ginger. It is common  as a supplement for bandages  with the addition of young coconut meat scratches  served.   For that recipe and method are as follows:


  1. Ginger 80 g
  2. Cloves 4 seeds
  3. 2 tablespoons granular sugar
  4. 75g brown sugar
  5. Cinnamon 6 cm
  6. Panda Leaves 2 Pieces
  7. Air 500 ml
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Young coconut meat

How to make this  typical Java West drink recipe:

  1. Bring  the water to the boil and then  place the  charred and pressed ginger
  2. Add the brown sugar and stir until dissolved
  3. Add cloves, panda leaves, cinnamon, granular sugar and salt
  4. Wait for it to boil and give the perfume
  5. Turn off the wheel and push
  6. Serve bandrek in a glass with the addition of young meat k elapa. You can also add sweet pounding milk  like

West Java drink recipe Bajigur

In addition to Banderk, Bajigur is also a typical West Java drink renowned for being  able to warm up the body  .   At first glance, Bajigur  and Bandarak have a look, however, the recipe for this West Javanian drink is  actually  different.   To prepare Bajigur, the ingredients and recipes are as  follows:


  1. 5 liter coconut milk (one coconut seed )
  2. Terrestrial coffee tablespoon
  3. 150g brown sugar
  4. 100g seed sugar
  5. Ginger 200 g
  6. Panda Leaves 3 Pieces
  7. Cinnamon 2 cm
  8. Teaspoon salt
  9. Colang Kaling

How to make a  typical West Javanhe drink  recipe Bajigur:

  1. Boil coconut milk and brown sugar until dissolved
  2. Put the burnt and pressed ginger
  3. Add granular sugar, cinnamon, panda leaves, ground coffee and salt
  4. Wait for it to boil   while stirring constantly so that the coconut milk  doesn’t break
  5. If it is boiled,  turn off  the wheel and push
  6. Serve Bajigur in a glass  or bowl by adding pickaxe pieces to make it tastier  .

Icy drink recipe in West Java Goyrod

Although  it  is renowned for having cold and sometimes even cold weather, the city of West Java also has a  legendary  ice recipe,  one of which is Goyrod Ice  , which   is now very popular, especially for Sondeniz.   The drink is a traditional ice that  originates  from  the Garut area of West  Java  .   For this typical Javanhe West drink recipe, the ingredients are very easy to  follow:


  1. Hong Kong flour  60 grams
  2. Air 350 ml

Full content  :

  1. Red wine
  2. Cassava Bar 100 g
  3. Avocado 1 piece
  4. Thick coconut milk
  5. Black Rice Bar
  6. Kaling Kaling Kaling
  7. Young Coconut
  8. Sweetened Dilated Milk
  9. S. Batu

How to make delicious West    Java drink recipes Was Goyu:

  1. Make this wine first     with boiling water and brown sugar until boiled and     thickened, adding red to its taste  .      Step aside
  2. Mix the hunkwe flour with water and then mix thoroughly. Heat the dough mixture until cooked and thickened
  3. Mould the  goyobod     paste into a baking dish and leave to cool completely and harden  .
  4. Cut      into small pieces     of dough that have been cooled and put it in a bowl along with other complementary ingredients  .
  5. Add ice flakes and water with red sap and  nailed milk
  6. You can now enjoy fresh ice goyobod  typical of West Java.

West Java Evin Ice Drink Recipe

S  Evin is a  typical West Java Ice Ampere that has no doubt about its taste  .   At  first glance  , Evin ice is no different from mixed ice from other regions, but there’s an extra sweet corn that makes the taste even tastier  .   The recipe for this typical West Java drink is also not complicated so you can make your own  at home.   The materials used to make Evin ice are as follows:

Evin ice  ingredients  :

  1. Ripe avocado  one fruit
  2. Jack the ripe fruit to taste
  3. Young Coconut
  4. Colang Kaling
  5. Chinese girlfriend
  6. Sweet corn
  7. Shirts
  8. Sweetened Dilated Milk
  9. S. Batu

How to geta recipe for this typical West JavaN drink  :

  1. Prepare the bowl and arrange all the fillings into the bowl
  2. Add ice flakes to taste  and then water with trough milk and red sap
  3. Evin, fresh ice and tempting ready to serve

Filling  for ice oyen  can actually be adjusted to any flavours  , however,  there are  ingredients that characterize this ice mix of Chinese henna and  sweet corn  so if you want to make your own ice  at home, make sure the two ingredients  are not replaced.   This is so that you can enjoy  the authentic taste of  West  Java.   For  red wine, you can also  prepare  yourself or  buy ones  .

Talking about West Java cooking will never end.   In addition  to  Sandensy’s food, which is no longer a doubt about its deliciousness, you should also try various West Java drinks  .    However, if you don’t want to buy it, you  can  also  try it yourself to make the typical Java West drink recipe at home because it’s simple and definitely delicious  .

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