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3 Ways to Transfer The Latest Smartfren Credit 2020

The 3 ways to transfer the latest Smartfren credit in 2020 is the key knowledge in today’s digital age. If in the past credit was intended only to send short messages or call now, it is already a major supporter of the modern lifestyle. All the activities that require communication with others can be done through gadgets.

From communication, information search, transactions, entertainment, etc., to buying and selling, everything can be done with credit/credit/balance  . Therefore, you will be  confused when the used data runs out  . For important and secondary purposes it will stop completely when it runs out.

Provides smartfrone solutions that emphasize the needs of the players. Among them, users  will be able to transact through one of the 3 ways to transfer Smartfren credit in 2020 so you can access the internet for a while before filling yourself out.

3 Ways to Transfer The Latest Smartfren Credit 2020

The method used to transfer smartfront credit easily is given below.

  1. Through a short message

The first 3 ways to transfer the latest Smartfren credit in 2020 can be used by the short messaging service to transfer balance to other people. Message box type SEND{.} their smartfrene number{.} transaction value. Please send the contents of this message to the number 879. When this process is successful, you will receive the destination number, nominal to your remaining credit.

  1. Via my Smartfren

Smartfren provides a free app on the Play Store that provides information services and carries out other transactions, including sending a balance. Download and install it on your electronic device.

  1. The first step of the transfer, please go to the start page.
  2. Click on the “Send Credit” panel
  3. A data form will be displayed, including the “Destination Number” to be filled  in with the donor’s number you want to send. Then fill in the credit amount you want to send in the “Amount” form.
  4. When completing the form data filling, press the “Submit” panel

When the delivery is no problem, you will receive a message about the successful delivery with the associated data. In the delivery process with MySmarfren, your  credit will be deducted by Rs 500 as transaction fee.

  1. Via UTK smart access.

If you want delivery without the burden of discounts, you can use UTK smart access. The first step, please access E-Pulsa – navigate to “Send Credit”.  Type in all the required data such as the target number, amount  of credit, and MPIN.

After sending credit, of course, you can check the guarantee of success and the current balance nominal. The method is easy, you send a short message to the number 999 and write the message “CEK” to get the data about bonuses and balances. This process can also be done using a “dial” with voicemail.

Balance information can be obtained using the call service.  Enter the number *999# to get  the standard credit data  . For bonus data in the dial menu, you can use the number *995#.

Terms of balance transfer to others

Of course, running the process of 3 ways to transfer smartfren credit in 2020  there are rules that should be successful in the game and should be considered. If you do not meet the applicable requirements, the delivery process will fail, here’s the description:

  1. The minimum balance transfer is worth a thousand rupees, while the largest value is 100,000. Equilibrium will be a dit r ansfer with a value of multiples of a thousand. When the balance worth 50,500 cannot be transferred.
  2. When you want to send, the number must be active, as well as the target is still active. It can only be sent to smartfrine providers.
  3. At the time of sending, the credit on the sender’s number at the time of delivery will still be at least Rs 5,000.
  4. The fee charged to the sender is Rs 500 hundred, which is automatically reduced. So you can’t send a balance of Rs 5,000 in your balance when you are left with Rs 10,000. Because after deducting the shipping cost, only the remaining Rs 4.5 thousand is left. But the fee is levied only when using short messages, dial-up and applications. At the same time, if you are using UTK Smart Access, you can send it for free.
  5. The numbers that receive an active period will be increased in accordance with the renewal conditions.

Terms and conditions for sending credit to non-smartfront

Smartfen can not only be used to send balances to other providers. However, for the 3-way process of transferring the latest Smartfren credit in 2020, a more expensive fee will be charged, rs 2,000. So when a balance of Rs 10,000 is sent, it reduces the balance by Rs 12,000. As far as the recipient is concerned, there will be no discount fee.

Regarding the requirements of the 3 ways to transfer Smartfren credit in 2020, both numbers should definitely be active. At the same time, with respect to the frequency of delivery, a maximum of 1 day is 12 times depending on the availability of your balance. Recipients for other operators will not get an additional active period. If you would like to get an additional active period, try to fill in independently.

The last condition, when the process fails, but when the sender’s balance is reduced, it is certain that it will get a refund. But before that, you can see whether the sender is using Uwangku or my Smartfren app or not.

If you still fail to send you, you can ask the call center for an explanation directly at the address or counter at (021) 50100000000. If via the counter, you will only get the service during working hours. Meanwhile, if you go through the call center, it will serve for the entire 24 hours.

How to transfer balance to non-smartfront

3 ways to transfer the latest Smartfren Credit 2020 to different providers Short messaging services can be used. Start writing down the target number and then you can send it to 7000. Then you will get a confirmation message.

Enter the answer “Y” to give a favorable answer.  You will receive again a short message informing you whether the process is successful or not. If successful, the delivery destination number will also get a notification of the balance entry.

In addition to the above methods, this can also be done using the My Smartfren app. If you already have one, open an account with your number. Then open the e-balance menu. Next, please enter the destination number data, please enter, and the amount in the form provided. Please write mpin for the last time before selecting transfer.

Sending with SMS starts by writing send{.} the target number{.} balance value. Then write 879 to the recipient, press the send panel, the process is complete. Just wait to see if it succeeds or not. If successful, the operator will send a short message notification.

The last way to transfer data to someone else is by using “UANGKU”. If you already have this application, go directly to the initial menu. Navigate to “Send Credit” and you will receive a data form. Fill in all the data requested. If you have completed all the processes, you will be notified of the successful transaction process via a short message.

Since usually the balance of this emergency transaction is not very large, you need to make good use of it. The first option, of course, is to use it to access M-banking to freely top up your credit. If you don’t have M-banking, you can use marketplace or other means to top up your balance.

If sending a standalone balance is still interrupted, use it effectively. Especially for basic purposes such as communication. To hold the balance so as not to run out quickly, turn off temporarily, location, Google Maps, and other applications. As well as automatic downloads of apps and media. A  very effective way to protect credit results from the 3 ways to transfer the latest Smartfren credit in 2020.

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