Takemichi has decided to use the information he has learned from the future to save Hinata. : Mangamefi

A story In the first act

Takemichi Hanagaki, a freeter in his forties, found out that Hinata Tachibana and her younger brother Naoto had been killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Hinata and Naoto were both from the same family, the Tachibanas.

When Takemichi is pushed in front of a train, he can go back in time exactly twelve years to the year 2005.

Takemichi runs into Naoto while remembering middle school, and he tells him the exact day that he and Hinata will die.

When they shake hands, Takemichi is immediately sent back to the present. This creates a strange situation in which Naoto can keep living her life and working as a detective.

Naoto has realized that every time he and Takemichi hold hands, Takemichi goes back in time by 15 years.

Takemichi has decided to use the information he has learned from the future to save Hinata.

Kiyomasa, a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, forced people who used to work with Takemichi to fight in secret.

Mikey, who is in charge of the group, really likes how dedicated Takemichi is to making sure they are safe.

Takemichi finds out that one of his other friends, Akkun, was going to prison until his recent fight with Mikey stopped it.

When Akkun kills himself out of fear, Takemichi realizes that the Tokyo Manji Gang is a bigger threat to his friends than he first thought.

Takemichi goes back in time and finds out that the rival gangs Moebius and the Tokyo Manji Gang are fighting to get back at Pah-companion.

Takemichi finds out that Mikey would eventually act violently because Draken, his second-in-command, will die in the future.

Draken gets out of the fight without getting hurt, but Pah-chin turns himself in to the police after stabbing the Moebius gang’s Osanai.

So, the Tokyo Manji Gang isn’t all on the same page about how to help Pah-chin in this situation.

Takemichi ends the fight between Mikey and Draken, but on August 3, 2005, a group of Moebius members led by a Valhalla member named Shoji Hanma attacked the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takemichi finds out that Kiyomasa killed Draken because Draken made him feel bad and forced him to leave the Tokyo Manji Gang. He also learns that Peh-yan joined their plot when Mikey and Draken let Pah-chin be locked up.

Peh-yan tells Takemichi this knowledge.

The Tokyo Manji Gang wins the battle, Takemichi beats Kiyomasa, and Draken makes a full recovery from his wounds.

“Valhalla” and “Bloody Halloween” are two of the story arcs.

In this version of what happened, Hinata and his friends still die when Takemichi goes back to the present.

Takemichi didn’t find out about Tetta Kisaki’s role in the violent change of the Tokyo Manji Gang until he went back in time.

When he went back to the past, he found that Kisaki had just joined the gang and that Pah’s absence had given Kisaki the chance to become the new head of his section.

Kazutora Hanemiya, a former co-founder of the Tokyo Manji Gang, told Keisuke Baji that he should join Valhalla. Baji was the captain of the first division.

If Mikey is able to get Baji back, he will keep his promise to Takemichi and kick Kisaki out of the gang.

Takemichi joined Takashi Mitsuya’s group and is now an official member of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takemichi finds out that Mikey is angry with Kazutora because Mikey’s older brother Shinichiro died two years ago.

Chifuyu Matsuno also tells Takemichi that Baji said he left the gang to find out what Kisaki was doing.

He also finds out that Kisaki wanted Mikey to be the leader of Valhalla when he started it, and that the Tokyo Manji Gang would eventually join Valhalla after a fight on October 31, 2005, which became known as “Bloody Halloween.”

They lost because Mikey killed Kazutora to get back at Baji for killing him.

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