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Career Goals Are Development Not Self-Achievement

Not a few new workers see careers as an achievement when it’s the opposite. The purpose of a career is personal development so that one day you have new abilities to be able to contribute to social life. With this kind of mindset, you eventually don’t become deadwood.

Sometimes a person is unaware when the effectiveness of their work decreases until they finally stagnate. Maybe you new workers haven’t felt anything like this because you’re still overwhelmed by a sense of happiness in being a worker. But what about the next two or three years, it’s still the same.

The majority of the causes of workers’ lack of personal development are at the heart of their position. This in turn gives rise to the thought of a comfort zone where their lives revolve around work. Eventually they will be too receptive to the circumstances and are reluctant to seek new challenges.

Such a thing is not yet widely recognised by workers so they still think career goals are an  achievement. When they managed to achieve a career they already considered it a finish line in personal development. Even though there is still a lot that can be done to develop other skills.



Keeping the Brain From Getting Tired of Trying New Things

It’s not uncommon when the goal of a career is to seek comfort in life, receive enough salary, and finally get married makes a person feel comfortable. Comfort in life is like a drug that can deceive the brain and make it unproductive.

But putting extra pressure on the brain is also not a good thing for life development. You can try for yourself when you enter a comfort zone, whether you take risks to develop yourself. There may be some people who want to leave the area but most of them don’t.

In the book titled entertainment : the basis of culture by Josef Pieper when someone reaches a comfort zone then few of them will want to go out to take risks. With this comfort zone, a person is more prone to being attacked by lazy diseases and reducing their own potential.

It also depends on his view on the meaning of his own risk. Not a few of them interpret risk as meaning it has great potential to fail. Being too afraid of these risks will make the career goal mentality a means of achieving comfort in life.

Indeed, human instincts are born in search of comfort by making various innovations in their lives. But what if in modern times man has all the comfort he needs. Of course, the passion of walking and innovating will be less and less.

A career goal is self-development, what does it mean

In general, the method of career selection by young Indonesians is to see what basic abilities they have. If someone has previously studied in the field of language, surely their career choice is not far from that world. This is related to the application with the theory that has been studied.

They try to apply what they have learned while studying in the world of work. Try whether or not what they receive during teaching can be applied directly. Because there are very few that can be applied in the field, they gain new knowledge.

From here it is still consistently the career goal is to develop itself, so what if there is no new knowledge. This is the cause of the number of deadwoods in Indonesia living only in a company.

The comfort this person takes is certainly taken to other workers. So that without realizing it, the effect of this comfort zone causes an unproductive working atmosphere. Efficient may be yes but having new productivity would be very rare.

This means that when one lives a career, one should not feel tired of suppressing one’s own abilities. Since bodybuilders maiden without increasing the training load, the muscles do not appear. After one load is successfully removed then they will immediately have another target to achieve.

By having such a mindset, the career goal is as self-development not a finish line. Why should it continue to evolve because the world doesn’t stop at that point alone and continue to develop dynamically over time.

This dynamic of life doesn’t just stop when you don’t change the way you live your life. One day, surely by being too comfortable in life you will lag behind. There will be no easy shortcuts to overcome the rigors of life other than struggling to develop itself continuously.

Idealism in Career Development Should Be a Balanced Rationality of Thought

His own development must be accompanied by rationality in thinking, one can be ambitious in achieving certain things but he still has to look at various factors. Perhaps when you’re still as a new worker, the motivation to pursue something high is natural.

But if the ambition is realistic, think about it again. You’ve ever had the ambition to open your own business after two years working as an employee. This is realistic, of course not because not necessarily anyone can learn marketing knowledge in such a short time.

This is a portrait that explains young workers with a career goal mentality as a step forward. This kind of idealism is often created because there are many successful young entrepreneurs out there. But I thought about how their lives travel to achieve this success.

What background and capital they have so they can succeed. Of course, not a few people see this fight. It must be admitted that the Indonesian people always see the final result without considering how the figure of success struggles.

So when you want to pursue your ambitions, you have to realize how you’re capable of your abilities. If you are unable then to make preparations to achieve this. Starting from finding capital for knowledge, everything has to be done so that ideals can be realized. Without this rationality, it eventually falls into the pit of laziness.

How to Develop Yourself so as not to get caught up in a Comfort Zone

In order not to get stuck in the comfort zone, there are indeed several things a person can do. You can read the story of a certain figure to be used as a reference. Finding a character that is used as a reference certainly makes it easier for you to do something.

Without a character being used as a model, a person finds it difficult to find motivation in their own development. As a concrete example, it’s impossible for you to be a successful person if you’ve never seen someone who has succeeded before, right.

Indeed, this is very trivial, there are even individuals who find their motivation from hatred to character. Wanting to overcome the character can be a trigger for enthusiasm. It sounds cliché but this is the fact on earth that is happening right now.

The comfort zone does not apply when a motivation to develop oneself is successfully activated. Whether you want it or not will continue to push your capabilities to an unreasonable limit. So increase literacy to know more characters you want to follow.

Don’t be afraid to try to get out of a comfort zone. the risk is no longer to avoid in order to be safe from it. Instead, risk can be used as a step forward to achieve success. You don’t have the mindset that career goals are the end line of personal development.