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How to contact the BCA call center  24 hours

The 24-hour BCA call center number  is very helpful for customers. With a call center, banking problems can certainly be easily solved.  BCA itself is  one of the largest banks in Indonesia. Its branches are spread throughout the region, and its ATM machines are scattered in many places.

This bank has a long history. The FSA was first established in 1957. At that time, Sudono Salim immediately established that it should be as big as it is now. The BCA itself  is under the auspices of the djarum.

Now there are several subsidiaries of BCA. For example, from BANK UIB to PT BCA Finance. With so many subsidiaries, the client can get confused. This is the main function of the  24-hour BCA call center. While it’s there, customer confusion can be overcome.

How to contact the BCA call center  in Indonesia

It is very easy to contact the BCA call center  . Someone can contact him when he contacts 1500-888. It was a touch that was opened to all Indonesians. Customers not only interact with them, but with these relationships all strata of society can connect. This can also be contacted by a potential client.

When dialing a number during working hours, it is not always necessary to contact. This is because the connection is open for 24 hours. In addition, the team that handles this is available every day. This is obviously definitely a problem that can be complained about at any time.

However, this  24-hour BCA call center number  will not  connect consumers with staff. This is because the consumer first connects to the autorespokulator. In the answering machine there is really complete information about various customer problems. However, some unusual ones need to be confused.

This is because it is necessary to choose the right number in order to find an explanation for the problem. To communicate with the team, select the number 1 in the first question. This number will communicate with Indonesia. Then again select the number 1. The number 1 means that you choose banking services.

Finally, select the number 3. By selecting it, you can connect to the FireCash service. This Firecash service can connect consumers with staff. However, if communication with the answering machine does not want to happen at all,  there is  another 24-hour BCA call center number.

The number is 021-235-88000. Calling the number can quickly get a service to someone. In addition, there is no need to contact him to go through the answering machine. It involves direct communication of customers with the staff. This makes it take less time.

It is also possible to contact overseas call centers

All of the above connections are intended exclusively for domestic purposes. When he was abroad, it was clear that relations were different. No need to worry about that. The  24-hour BCA call center is   available anywhere. This is because this bank already has branches in different countries.

Saudi Arabia is the first country to be negotiated. Saudi Arabia itself has excellent diplomatic relations with Indonesia. Every year there are many Indonesians who go on a pilgrimage. Of course, ATM requirements can occur when you are there. There are two numbers to contact when you contact the country.

The first Saudi Arabia 24-hour BCA call center  number is +966-54-220-0581. The next number is +966-53-298-7625. After Saudi Arabia, the next country is the United Arab Emirates.  However, BCA only  provides one call center in the country. The call center itself can be reached by calling +971-50-159-9393.

After the UAE, the next country is Qatar. The country has developed rapidly in recent years. In fact, there are many Indonesians who now decide to vacation there. The connection itself is at +974-6688-8279. Let’s not forget hong kong either.   The BCA also has a dedicated call centre for the country.

The 24-hour BCA call center number  in Hong Kong is +852-2356-2311. As for the last point, also note that BCA  provides many call centers in neighboring countries, namely Malaysia. Malaysia itself also has a border with the archipelago, so there are many Indonesian citizens for different purposes.

Not half-heartedly, in M alaysia, e mpat touch was provided. The first contact is +601-6422-6051. Then the relationship between the two is +601-6415-6051. If the number is still full, try calling +601-6414-6051. Finally,  BCA bank customers can also contact  +601-6445-6051 if they have banking problems in the country.

You can also use social media to connect

All of the above call centers provide paid prices to their customers. None of them communicate with consumers for free. Therefore, do not forget to first increase your electronic credit. don’t allow your loan portfolio over the phone to be less than 25 miles.

The number should certainly be even greater if it happens abroad. Up to 100 miles of rupees of electronic credit is required so as not to stop halfway. Please note that a call that stops in the middle of the road communicates with the BCA call center 24 hours from the start.

Instead of getting this, it would be better to choose a different way of contacting. One of the best ways is to get in touch via whatsapp.  Bca bank Whatsapp is contacted by calling 0811-1500-998. This method is definitely free once done. Also, there is no question of the popularity of whatsapp in Indonesia.

Almost everyone has their own account. With this, contact will be very easy. If not via whatsapp, it is also possible to communicate via email.  The  official email address for Bca halo is However, one of the drawbacks is communication by e-mail.

The main disadvantage of the puzzle is slow. Sure, email is different from a phone. Questions should be carefully read by staff. In addition, it is necessary to write and correct good grammar so that consumer satisfaction can be achieved.

Perhaps the last way to communicate is through twitter. The official twitter account of the BCA @Halo BCA. If you want to contact him personally, then dm. However, if you want to get in touch more generally, you can also contact citation usage.

Contacting the call center will solve the problem faster

When contacting  the 24-hour BCA call center number, banking problems can be resolved quickly. This is because the person who treated it was already trained and went through a long process. With him, the quality of the answers will not be disappointing.

Do not confuse yourself, because you are only looking for your own answers on the Internet. In fact, it may happen that the answer is correct and the problem is solved. But it is also possible that the problem is growing. Instead of finishing it, this condition becomes even more confused.

Applications such as blocking ATM cards, blocking women, making reports on various complaints through the call center can be done. You can also contact him to obtain the information. All problems and questions will certainly be answered in full.  Contacting  the 24-hour BCA call center   will never be disappointing.

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