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Dale Lip top service center repair with main parts

The Dale Lip Top Service Centre is the official liptop repair centre for Dale . This electronic product , made in Texas , has been widely printed in Indonesia , and has already been distributed to distribution office centers and service centres in different regions . This electronic product is one of the most sold laptop products in Indonesia .

The needs of consumers for electronic materials are increasingly used by people , both in the office environment , in schools and at home . During this pandemic , people are encouraged to work from home to provide job support facilities , one of which is a computer / laptop .

Frequent use will certainly experience a variety of problems with electronic materials, both software and hardware. This will certainly interfere with your actions during your work  , so dale lip service centres are available in several areas that you can get when you need lip tap repair .

Dale Company ‘s travel date to date

Dale is an electronic product sourced from Texas , USA . His trip began in 1985, when a young man named Michael Dale established a company called PC Limet , aimed at selling IBM-made computers collected from existing components .

At the time , Michael was still studying at the University of Texas , believing that selling computers directly to consumers could help his computers better understand their needs and provide solutions to existing needs and problems . TED left schoola long time later and paid attention to its business .

His first computer was Turbo PC , produced in 1985. Then , for the first time in 1989, he served on the PC Lemit site services program or on the site . The company is developing and is of great value . Until the company was converted into a Dale Computer Corporation in 1989.

Then in 2003 he changed his name to Dale . Inc. Over time , the U.S . company experienced a flood and downfall until the company ‘s high-rise was reopened . But now the product is widely printed and used by a large community , beg    you , too , with the Dale Laptop Service Centre , which is ready to serve consumers .

Dale Lip tops and their sales prices

Not only laptops , the company also has several other electronic products that support home and office work , such as printers , PC , USB Cedra , and LCD televisions . To serve consumers well , especially to repair and protect things , there are dale laptop service centres in some areas .

Here are some types of dale laptops .

  1. Series Inspireon 3493

One of the newest series is Elham 3493, which began in Indonesia in mid-2020. This series uses a new generation processor called Intel Core i5-1035G1. The screen is 14 inches with TN Panel Technology or Twisted Newmatic LCD LED backlight.

The solution to the Appelon 3493 series is HD 1366 x 768 pixels , so it shows bright and sufficient colors. 3493 Inspiration is suitable for use in daily activities so it helps you a lot to work or study . The price of this series is 8,699,000, according to the specifications presented .

  1. Vostro 3468 Series

Vostro 3468 storage capacity has a 4GB ram and 1 TB hard drive storage . Another advantage is that it has a beautiful design so that it is comfortable to carry anywhere . 3468 series at 6.0.0 ,-. If you need repair , you can send it to the Dale Lip Top Service Center .

  1. Series G3 15 – 3579

G3 15-3579 is suitable for gamer , today the games are part of the retina that all circles must play . Supports the characteristics of this series to play . It uses a size of 15.6 inches , an intel house i5 processor , as well as nvidia GFTX 1080 mobile graphics memory .

8GB of RAM capacity and 1 TB HDD storage. G3 15-3579 has a performance that supports gamers to play as well as visual comfort for their characters . The G315-3579 seriesstarted from RP11, 399,000 — Rp. 18, 699,000.   If you need repair , you can send it to the  Dale Lip Top  Service Center .

Dale ‘s interests over other laptops

The following are some of Dale ‘s benefits compared to other laptops .

  1. supports the game

The improvement of this electronic product is that it is done comfortably to play games . The use of process and quality graphic memory is widely used by gamers . Through Alienware , Dale released a special series with different design areas that differ from other types .

In addition to Alienware , Dale also has other types that really support playing . Stain westeron , iminen , ops . This type of fast processor has high characteristics that make you comfortable playing cricket .

  1. Has a strong and permime design

Dale uses chromium-based chromium so it is not easily cracked or corrupted . But if your laptop is corrupted , you can take it to the DelLaptop Service Center to fix it . In addition , Dale has a design that can last a long time , making it suitable for you with high movement .

Although it looks classic , the design is beautiful and very suitable for buying work or other places . The design of ki-or-design   increases the effect of Estee Miwa and makes you   happy at work . The design used for the games has its own characteristics behind it , making your laptop even cooler .

  1. Special services for consumers

As in times of social restrictions today , people are not able to move freely , it will also be a problem if your laptop has problems and needs to be repaired quickly . In any case , if you do not want to leave the house but need product repair , also provide special services .

One of the special services offered by Dale is lip-tap repair . One of the services is delivery , you don’t need to come to the Dale Laptop Service Centre , just contact the call centre , then professional technicians will repair as you wish .

Dale Laptop Service Center in Indonesia

Dale Lip Top Service Centres are located in several areas in Indonesia . This repair centre  offers   a variety of facilities for consumers . But before that , first make sure that the product you buy is the main product of the official distribution , so you can get a maximum service .

The following is a list of Dale Service Centres in Indonesia .

  1. Jakarta : PT . Technical Facilities Of Gardian , D Best House Complex , GLRS Fatmawati 15 / E43-12410
  2. بندونګ : Jl . Sendi Kencana No . C – 9 Kopo Kencana Earth Complex
  3. Samaritan : JL . Sudirman No. 187 — 189 Silivangi , Plasa Block E²
  4. مدن : Jl . Halat No.
  5. بټام: Prom انګګرک Series Block 09 Shamireh 47
  6. Canbarro: Gel Plum 56 Kmpeng.
  7. Palmbang : JL . Moses 1 23 kiels . Siring Agang
  8. یوګیاکارته : Jl . Cantel GK IV
  9. Surabaya : Jl. Maj . Gene. Sunkono Komples Darma
  10. Denpasar : JL . Mishal Island 3.
  11. Maksar : Jal Kijang 3B .
  12. BalikPan: Jal Ahmad Yani Gang Tirtaseri May 29

The  Dale  Lip Top Development Centre is equipped with several facilities , in addition to being able to serve directly at home , other facilities are in place with the main parts , as well as repairs that can be done directly at home . Go immediately to  the Del Lip  Service Centre to get more repairs .

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