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Danamon Call Center Service Options for Customers

If you are a customer of Danamon Bank, you  need to know the Danamon Call Center. A service that a large company like Danamon clearly has. This service is designed for customers who want to communicate directly with a bank representative. Whether they are informed, explained, complained, or raise an issue.

Of course, in the course of all transactions, the client needs information about the rules, conditions and other conditions. The service makes it easy to do all the processes that customers perform. Meanwhile, complaints or criticisms cannot be separated from the service.

In addition, in every transaction, the bank must have experienced problems. However, as a professional financial institution, Danamon prepares response and communication services with its clients. They are also very open when customers submit suggestions for criticism of their responses, etc.  The role of the Danamon Call Center  here is to provide the best possible service to our customer service.

However, if you look at the effectiveness of the reports provided by the media, they are very effective and efficient.  It is easy to understand because you can not only consult and communicate directly with customer service, but also explain or respond to  it.

Danamon Call Center Services for Customers

Here are some Danamon call centers that customers can contact:           

  1. telephone

If you need communication with  your  bank, you can do so through the danamon call center/1500090 if you live in Indonesia.  Meanwhile, if you live outside of Indonesia, please call us at 021 2354 6100. To get this service, you will need to provide the cost of phone data. Its value is usually not much different from contacting others.

However, if you look at the effectiveness of these media reports, they are very effective and efficient. It is easy to understand because  you can not only consult and communicate directly with customer service, but also explain or respond to  it.

  1. Interactive voice response

In addition to using credit to communicate with customer service, you can also use interactive voice responses.  This service is an effort by Bank Danamon to address issues faced by customers. For this service, you will need to verify any issues or information you need to be eligible to use the code.

You can use code 211 for credit card blocking issues, and 212 for debit cards. Code 221 to get balance information. Code 222 that conveys the account transformation problem.  You can also use the shortcode 225 to change the phone pin.

Counseling by speaking in person can use 220. To get information about Danamon credit cards, both Visa and Master Card can use 2 32. The advantage of using this service is that it maintains its effectiveness. Because  you communicated it briefly and clearly. Plus it doesn’t take a big pulse to perform.

  1. Hi Danamon

Hi Danamon service is available 24 hours a day for customer consultation needs. Hi Danamon, it is available to both customers and non-customers. Those who want to be customers can ask for information related to rules and other basic information.

To use this service, please use your 1500090 number if you 677777 to use GSM.  To include the file, you can go to Email: .

Another option is to get customer service

Here are a few customer service options to choose from:

  1. Webmail

Another alternative that you don’t want to spend too much credit on is to use webmail. Personal data is required to  use  the Danamon call center service. However, the bank ensures that the security of the data does not spread to others. The data required when making this transaction is the name of the email address of the mobile phone number and the information that we want to forward.

For Facebook social media, follow the bank’s Instagram account @mydanamon the Bank’s fan page. Meanwhile, if you’re used to using LinkedIn, Danamon can be contacted via PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk.

After sending all the data,  wait for a response from the customer service. However, the downside of this service is that the response provided by the customer service is relatively long. Therefore, if you need information or faster service, it is better to use other media.

  1. Social Media

If you are very active on social media, you  can also use social media to contact the Danamon Call Center service. In addition to not requiring high costs, the benefits of this service are relatively easy. Using Twitter to contact the service allows you to conduct consultations about transactions or non-transactions on your @hellodanamon’s account. Meanwhile, if you need news about events, etc., @danamon.

If you use Facebook, follow Bank Danamon’s fan page. If you are using the Instagram application, you can send it to @mydanamon. If you’re used to using LinkedIn, Danamon can be contacted via PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk.

In addition to the excessive cost and convenience, using social media to contact customer service takes longer than getting a response from customer service. If you have an urgent need, we do not recommend using this service.

However, you can use the Dingtone application to overcome this problem. This app is provided to provide a danamon call center service directly to the customer service who will respond at that time.  This account gives customers 5 minutes free of charge to help them communicate.

For a more detailed and easy-to-understand explanation, please contact your nearest Danamon Bank office directly. You can get an explanation directly from the teller on duty.  However, if you want to do a transaction  , we recommend that you do this step. If you want to file a complaint or get information, you can do it remotely.

Complaint Submission Flow ke Bank Danamon

When a customer submits a complaint in the various ways described above, the bank first recognizes the need. If you can complete it on time, the customer service will provide you with direct advice.

However, if the problem is serious, the staff at Danamon will try to solve the problem for 20 days. This problem is necessary because of the direct communication with the other party. Generally, complaints submitted through this process are those that require further investigation with third parties working with the Bank of Daname.

The employee will then be notified of his or her findings or actions. If you think it will take longer, it will be passed on to your customers. If the steps taken by the bank can solve the problem, the problem will be solved.

However, if the bank is unable to solve the problem, you can apply for the facility to BI or OJK. To submit an application to BI, you can use the contact number 1500 131. It is also available via email Applications for OJK can be reached on 1 500 655. To contact us by email, please send your complaint address.

Requirements for submitting the matter of Bank Danamon to the OJK/BI

However, in order to submit complaints to BI and OJK,  there are requirements that must be met by the customer, among which is that the customer has submitted a complaint and attempted to take action from the Bank of Danamon. And there is no agreement between Bank Danamon and the customer.

Another condition, the problem faced between Danamon Bank and its customers, is a civil act that has no legal decision or is still being resolved. Finally, this service is provided if the loss experienced by the customer is up to 50 billion rupiah.

Do not forget the ethics when communicating with  the Danamon Call Center using the above methods  . Communicate complaints, criticisms and suggestions clearly and unambiguously.  If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, say it again until it’s clear.

When faced with legal issues, don’t forget your position. Whether the source of the problem is the bank or you. Finding a bank or a third party can be a strong preparation of evidence. This allows you to  get it done properly in the Danamon call center before you reach OJK or BI.

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